Top 10 Posts

Top 10 Viewed Posts of All Time:

  1. Japlish (not Engrish): the Hybrid Language of Japanese and English (23 Sept 2014; non-fiction)
  2. Accents of the English Language (3 Sept 2014; non-fiction)
  3. Japlish (not Engrish): the Tragic Gift of Bilingualism / Multilingualism (24 Oct 2014; non-fiction)
  4. The History of the English Language: Story of Power and Emergence of World Englishes (5 Sept 2014; non-fiction)
  5. TCKs: Children of the World (12 Aug 2014; non-fiction)
  6. Effectiveness of Literature: Marxist Relationship Between Art and Ideologies (3 Jan 2015; non-fiction)
  7. UCAS Personal Statement (English Literature) (4 Oct 2014; non-fiction)
  8. The Arrangement (Reylia Slaby Photography) (9 Oct 2014; fiction)
  9. The Girl by the Lake (10 Aug 2014; fiction)
  10. Purple Prose: Grandiloquent, Orotund, Highfalutin (aka Bombastic and Pretentious) Musings (25 Sept 2014; non-fiction)

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