Stories of the Third Culture Kids

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Transect-LogoIn a multicultural age, people’s passports do not necessarily convey the full picture of their multiple origins, ethnicities, or national identities. Rather, the lives of Third Culture Kids inspire more complex stories that cross cultures and languages. A new magazine offers a home for fiction and poetry of the TCK generation, transecting the barriers of traditional English publications. We caught up with the founders, Justin Lau and Alexandra d’Abbadie.

Where did you get the idea for Transect from? How did the editors come together to find a vision for this new magazine?

Justin: As with all my best ideas… in the shower! In my final year
as a Durham English undergrad in Jan 2015, I received a Facebook
message out of the blue from Alexandra, a fellow Durham English
student whom I hadn’t met before. She had found my blog and wanted to
connect so we met for a cuppa at Vennel’s Café –

Alexandra: Possibly the…

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