New Publication (‘The Girl by the Lake’)

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for my lack of posts this past week. Ever since starting this blog 3 months ago, I’ve faithfully posted every 2 or 3 (and the occasional 4) days, but this week I was silent for 7 whole days before posting my latest ‘Japlish (not Engrish): the Tragic Gift of Bilingualism / Multilingualism‘. It won’t happen again, hopefully.

But I’d also like to explain why I had such a long hiatus (in other words, here’s my excuse). I was working very hard on the aforementioned blog post, including gathering thoughts and data from friends, which I had to compile and organise. (That’s not good enough, is it.)

Well, I was also working on a new short story which I plan to submit to a writing competition next month. One night last week, I was lying in bed when this brilliant idea came to mind and I ended up writing a couple hundred words on my iPhone immediately, then fell asleep with a huge satisfied grin on my face. The next few evenings were characterised by taking a shower, thinking of even more great ideas for the story whilst under the running water, rushing out still not completely dry and typing as fast as I could before my ideas faded, clothed only in my underwear. As I elaborated in ‘The Five Ws for Ideas and Inspiration‘, inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient of times. If that doesn’t let me off the hook, hopefully when you read my story eventually, you’ll enjoy it enough to excuse me.

I also have a request.

REQUEST: If you have any ideas for a post which you’d like me to write about, please do let me know! It can be about the writing process, international identity, language – anything, really (just not anything maths or science related, please). I’m open to any ideas or requests! That’s right, I’m requesting for requests.

lake_That’s it for today. Wait, no! Another piece of exciting news: this past Wednesday, The Bubble, an online magazine based at Durham University, kindly published my flash fiction piece ‘The Girl by the Lake‘! I previously posted it on my blog here back in August so you can read it at The Bubble or you can read it on my blog or you can read it twice, whichever you fancy. It’s nice to see a piece I first wrote 1.5 years ago finally accepted and published, especially since I’m particularly fond of this one; it gives me the feels.

Oh, and the clocks were turned back an hour this morning at 2 am – I can never tell if my iPhone adjusts automatically. If you can relate to this, you should definitely check out my short story about time: ‘Seiko’s Minor God‘. (That was my clever way of plugging my other short story in as natural a manner as possible.)

2 publications in a month, not bad, not bad.

I’m very and truly thankful for each and every one of you who has taken the time to read my blog or my stories. It’s always a delight for someone to come up to me in person and remark that s/he’s been enjoying my blog. Thanks to all of my readers!


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