New Publications (‘Seiko’s Minor God’) and a Big Thank You!

It has been an exciting week, in terms of progress in my writing endeavours!


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First, I’d like to thank everyone who read my post ‘Japlish (not Engrish): the Hybrid Language of Japanese and English‘ and shared it with others. As a result, it went viral (at least from my point of view) and hit 1700 views in just a week! I’ve been receiving encouraging comments from people who thoroughly enjoyed it – and also feel a slight pressure to write a successive post that is just as interesting and entertaining. I also realised that it’s the only article of its kind, that is, addressing the mixed language issue rather than Engrish; that means, there’s a high likelihood of its views spiking again.

Also, I’ve hit a total of 4000+ views since I first started my blog almost 2 months ago! I’m honoured.

The good news just keeps going! I can now add 2 new publications to my résumé:

1. 7×20 published another one of my Twitter fiction stories on Monday, 29 September 2014 (special thanks to Brad for helping me with it):

birds2. As I mentioned in my ‘Blog Hop‘ post, I had written a short story back in July (the first short story I’ve written that I’m actually proud of) based on the theme of ‘Time’ which I submitted to Popshot Magazine. After being rejected, I subsequently submitted it to various other literary magazines, hoping it would get accepted by one, but quite honestly not expecting anything. Just last week, I received an email from the wonderful people of Inkapture informing me that they had kindly accepted my short story for publication!

(Special thanks to Chikara Saito and Harri Endersby for helping with the editing process, both of whom are fellow writers whose work I introduced in ‘Recommended Reading (1)‘.)

Read my short story published in the autumn issue of Inkapture, Issue 13, October 2014 here: ‘Seiko’s Minor God’ by Justin Lau

Any kind of feedback is welcomed, and if you liked it, please share it!

Here is the blurb for the fiction pieces (with links to the other stories):

In this issue of Inkapture we offer you an exotic collection of short stories through which the thread of destiny and survival is beautifully woven. Each piece of fiction gives a different perspective of personal empowerment.  In Michael Bonnet’s Perks of the Job and Justin Lau’s Seiko’s Minor God, the lead characters manage to achieve their personal goals and their stories conclude with hope. This theme is continued in Colin Garrow’s The Cleaner and Anthony Kane Evans’ Turkey. On the contrary, Darren Simpson’s Take the Next Exit for Love and Lauren Bell’s Father present the dark, unpalatable realities of life and society whilst Pass this On by Kevin Tosca and Jonathon Harris’ Of Violence and Vermin use setting and space as a way of shocking the reader into the unexpected. Finally, we end with Harvey Burgess’ Black Sea Joe Pesci -a jolly sketch of a very recognisable character we have all met on one of our holidays, leaving us with happy memories of a summer now passed.  We thank our authors for their contribution and hope that our readers enjoy this issue.

So exciting! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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