Snow For Me

I realised most of my posts have been rather long. So here’s a short flash fiction piece which you can read in 28 seconds.


Snow For Me
by Justin Lau

‘Don’t cry for me,’ she remarked sternly, yet ever so gently for no one is to blame when nature takes its inevitable progression.

I blubbered indiscernibly, wiping teardrop after teardrop.

She pouted: ‘You know how much I dislike the rain. It makes me dreary.’

I could only gaze upon her in tender affection as she dried my cheeks with her sleeve.

She suddenly cried out in marvelling delight, ‘Look, it’s snowing! Oh, so beautiful!’

She beamed endearingly: ‘From now on, I forbid you to cry. Instead, snow for me. Promise!’

I embraced her, all traces of bitterness long melted away.


© 2013 jusco15 / Instagram

White engulfed everything in sight.

No more tears, just softly caressed by the delicate snow as I stood in front of her purified grave.

A divine intervention, for it snowed every year on this very day without fail.

© Justin Lau, 2014


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